A room for two and for many more


The works that sound very contemporary because of the use of the internet, at the same time offer a look at the past when artists in between 1960 and 1970 talked for the first time about an art production that had to do with every day life, and that used the instructions-proposals as a way of open artwork, beyond the real or virtual borders of their time.

It’s not our objective to make a historical regard, but we could not forget that none of this is new. We want cordially to say hello to the past for everything has had brought to the present.  Therefore we chose artworks which have the ambition to interfere people’s “day-to-day” and transpose borders. All of this with a nostalgic dose and with the naive friendliness of something that do not know about the spirit of it own time.

Is part of our idea to present projects in a contemplative way, whereas it’s possible to feel identified with the works and maybe also inspire other people to develop new ideas for new projects to share them as well. The museography of both shows it will be similar and in both cities there will be showed the same pieces and projects since the beginning they were conceived without material specifications and without the idea of exclusivity or an authorship concept.

Artists: David Horvitz (We would like to offer you a flower and An imposible distance) and Juliana Mundim (Faqmagazine)

Co-curated by: Fernanda D´Agostino and Violeta Horcasitas


From 2nd to 8th August, 2012
Centro Cultural Border
Mexico City