Another visit with the sculpture

Another visit with the sculpture is an exhibition that talks about success and error. The show reflects on the repetition topic, the many attempts in order to achieve something. Some artworks can become philosophical, scientific, or mathematical proposals meanwhiles, while they are building and shaping matter, whether digital or analog ways.

Artists: Aram Bartholl, Detanicolain, Gino de Dominicis, Roberto García Hernández, Jason Ronallo, Sara Ludy, Verónica Gerber Bicecci, Julieta Gil,  Lorna Mills, Sabrina Ratte, Miguel Angel Salazar, Rick Silva and Liza Mazenett & David Quiroga.

Curated by: Violeta Horcasitas

From June 28th to September 2nd, 2018
Laboratorio Arte Alameda
Mexico City