Puras cosas nuevas


Puras cosas nuevas, inspired by the filmography of Gregg Araki, is a homage to adolescent life, to memories that live in the memory and return in a recurring way into the present with the fascination and amazement with we experiencing things for the first time.

Based on the exhibition was developed a 360 ° video that integrates the thesis presented in the exhibition. Video directed by Pablo Acevedo, performed by Bárbara Foulkes Wagner with music and audio by Guillermo Guevara.

Artists: Ramiro Ávila, Sara Bichao, Camila Farina, Miguel Fernández de Castro, N. Samara Guzmán Fernández, Isauro Huizar, Shesho, Ana Navas, Javier Peláez, Miriam Salado and Álvaro Verduzco.

From February to April 1st, 2017
Pantalla Blanca

Mexico City