Speed Show

The SPEED SHOW exhibition series was conceived by the artist Aram Bartholl in June 2010. The basic idea of this exhibition format is to create a gallery like opening situation for browser based internet art in a public cyber-cafe or internet-shop for one night. The exhibition format is free and can be applied by anyone at any place.


Carlos Aguirre – Paisaje Mexicano (mx)
Laura Balboa –You code me (mx)
Andrew Bard – Your world of text (us)
Bustrofedon– (mx)
Jorge Harmodio – Literatura Huiqui (mx)
The Juice Media – Rap News (au)
Austin Kleon – Newspaper blackout (us)
Lulz Security – Releases (internet)
Evan Roth – Mozilla Mark Up (us)
Randy Sarafan – Writes Letters (us)
Svartfax – FractalBots (se)
DJ Set: UFOria

ProgramaciónVioleta Solís Horcasitas y Geraldine Juárez