The room, that private microcosm becomes a space for work, production, action, and debate on the new possibilities of exploring, exploiting, and manipulating our image, body, and identity in a public way when we are online.

The exhibition is articulated from a heterogeneous set of works that deal with image, identity, introspection, the body and desire, gender condition, social context, and technological standards, but also about intimate objects that acquire a particular value in our daily life.

Artists: Arvida Byström, Andrea Carrillo, Isa Carrillo, Claudia Cisneros, Petra Cortright, Daniela Edburg, Mónica Espinosa, N. Samara Guzmán, Karla Leyva, Mónica Leyva, Cecilia Miranda, Luciana Ponte, Nicole Ruggiero, Alejandra Ruiz and Molly Soda.

Curated by Violeta Horcasitas

From May 14th to July 11th, 2021
Museo Cabañas 
Guadalajara, Jalisco